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Springfield Gardens Educational Campus
143-10 Springfield Blvd,
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
Phone: (718) 525-6507   FAX: (718) 525-6276

Lilly Narine Lucas, Principal
Hassan Fuller, A.P.        Rodney Orji, A.P.

Excelsior Prep 
Provides A
Rigorous, Academic, 
College Preparatory Experience
With An Emphasis  On
The STEAM Program

(Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts and Math)

While Nurturing Their Social,
Cultural and Athletic Skills.

Instructional Focus:
   Real world relevance
   Literacy across the curriculum
   Active participation
   Collaboration not isolation
   Differentiated instruction

How Do We Teach:
   Relationship building with students
   Excelsior Prep believes in the efficacy paradigm which advocates 
      for nurturing student success at high levels
   At the heart of teaching is being an advisor
   Constructivist /  Inquiry-based classrooms
   Workshop pedagogy (do now, mini-lesson, workshop-model, exit)
   Good teaching requires good questioning and good listening
   Classrooms and student work connect to the real world and are
      relevant; the city and world are our classrooms