School Year 2014 - 15                  STUDENT CLUBS


Exemplary Women:           Ms. Burke, Mrs. Coleman, Ms. Walsh, Ms. Graham

                                                Females Only

                                                Fridays - 2:35pm - Room 331A


Men Of Distinction:           Mr. Moonah, Mr. Leggio, Mr. Early, Mr. Hunter

                                                Males Only

                                                Fridays - 2:35pm - Room 329


College Now:                       Mrs. Lombardi, Mr. Rimpici

                                                Co-Ed Group

                                                Wednesday & Thursday - 2:30pm-3:45pm – Room 301

                                                Thursday & Friday, 2:30pm-3:45pm – Room 336


Ambassadors Club:            Ms. Maldonado, Mrs. Burney, Mrs. Branning

                                                Co-Ed Group

                                                Wednesdays - 2:35pm - Room 333A


MOUSE Squad/  :               Ms. Morris, Mr. James

Technology Club                 Co-Ed Group

                                                Thursdays - 2:35pm - Room 303


Dance:                                   Ms. Johnson, Ms. Michaels

                                                Co-Ed Group

                                                Thursdays - 2:35pm - Room B3


Music:                                    Mrs. Coleman, Mr. Lebron

                                                Co-Ed Group

                                                Thursdays - 2:35pm - Room B3


SAT PREP                              Mrs. Gordon-Scott

                                                Co-Ed Group

                                                Wednesday & Friday – 2:35pm – B7


DMV CLASS                          Ms. Morris

                                                Co-Ed Group (Must be on the College Readiness list)

                                                Last Friday of the month - B7